Lightweight Wheelchairs ChesterWe are amongst the top designers and manufacturers of lightweight wheelchairs Chester. Our specially crafted wheelchairs are made to suit a particular user in all aspects of height and weight as well as all other dimensions. The wheelchairs are made to enable the user to be as active as they wish and are made to be strong yet light in weight. This allows them to be easily manoeuvred and transported. The units are manufactured of thin walled aluminium tubing or titanium as well a carbon fibre where necessary. This reduces the overall weight of the chairs but makes them strong enough for even the most gruelling circumstances. They are ergonomically designed to be lifted into a car by the driver and stowed on either the front or rear passenger seat.

Many people who have mobility impairments still want to be mobile and play sport. Lightweight wheelchairs Chester can be designed to let you participate in almost any sport you want. Some are designed to allow the user to power the wheelchair with push rims while other can be driven as hand cycles or can be fully powered. The type of lightweight wheelchair is dependent on the mobility and ability of the user. We also specialise in creating a complete range of children’s bespoke wheelchairs which are designed to suit individual needs and cater for the growth of younger users. The wheelchairs can be made in a wide range of colours and have a number of accessories to suit the unique needs of the rider.

Our company makes lightweight wheelchairs Chester for anyone who has a mobility problem. Contact Da Vinci Mobility today to make an appointment with one of our team. We will find out what type of lifestyle you want and what sports you want to partake in. Your wheelchair will then be designed with your interests at the heart and will encourage you to live your life to the full. As we are Mobility accredited fitters of hand controls for vehicles, our technical expertise extends to making your motor vehicle suitable for you to drive again. We have been improving the lives of our customers since the 1990’s and have hundred of happy customers.

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