Lightweight Wheelchairs Halsal Offer Affordability and Quality

Lightweight Wheelchairs HalsalLightweight wheelchairs Halsal play an important role in the lives of the many who depend on them for their mobility. They represent independence and freedom for the user. The successful experience is one that depends on the right size, weight and fit found in a customised chair. We build and customise lightweight wheelchairs for individuals that will fit their lifestyle. We design for people of all ages, including children and the elderly. A lightweight chair is always a factor especially for the more active for whom a wheelchair becomes an extension of their own body. Muscle groups must be developed to gain absolute control and manoeuvrability of a wheelchair. Biceps and triceps, deltoid and pectoralis are the two major muscle groups that will propel the chair with the trapezius muscles also playing a role.

It is incumbent upon the wheelchair manufacturer to align the chair to the body so muscles develop properly and are not strained. Lightweight wheelchairs Halsal require less energy so there is less muscle fatigue. For the less active, a perfectly fitted wheelchair is essential for comfort during long hours of sitting. The caregiver will find their task easier when the chair is lighter to push, fold and store. At Da Vinci Mobility, we build our custom chairs from lightweight aluminium and titanium. We want you to be able to show off your style so we have a selection of styles, colours and accessories from which to choose. You’ll want the attachments that best support your activity with as little added weight as possible.

One thing we know for sure about lightweight wheelchairs Halsal; one size does not fit all or even most. If the fit is off anywhere, strain and discomfort may result. So we are very careful to measure accurately so knees fall naturally from the seat and feet are supported by the footrest at just the right height. Arms should rest in a natural position on the armrest and hands must grasp the wheel without stretching. Contact Da Vinci Mobility and schedule an appointment. Lightweight and custom fit wheelchairs is our commitment to our clients. We do whatever it takes to enhance their mobility, comfort and convenience.


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