Lightweight Wheelchairs Irby, Robust, Strong, Expertly Crafted

Lightweight Wheelchairs IrbyLightweight wheelchairs Irby is often the most critical piece of equipment for those without restricted mobility. For the caregiver, lightweight and easy portability are major factors when choosing a wheelchair. Others with the use of their arms may not need much help getting around since they are able to propel themselves. Since that can cause fatigue, it’s important that the chair adds as little weight as possible to the user’s body weight. For rehabilitation purposes, the ease of folding and storage is most often found in lightweight chairs. At Da  Vinci Mobility, we make our chairs from highly durable lightweight materials like titanium and aluminium. Some attachments and accessories may include durable lightweight plastic materials.

At Da Vinci Mobility, ergonomically correct custom chairs are essential regardless of how they’re used. Lightweight wheelchair Irby use, especially full time, can put stress on pressure points. That can lead to constant fatigue, pain and sores. So we build our custom chairs to the clients’ specifications. The seat must be the right distance from the floor and the right depth for comfortable posture. Position changes to relieve stress can be made possible with adjustable armrests and footrests. The design of the seat cushion and a height-adjustable backrest,  when it’s custom-suited, can make long hours in the chair more comfortable. We offer other options geared to your specific comfort and usability.

Selecting lightweight wheelchairs Irby is a multi-step process leading to your perfect fit and comfort. Various optional accessories and attachments will gear your wheelchair to your lifestyle. We will ask you what you like to do and perhaps find attachments that will make the task easier or more convenient. Maybe you are an athlete, an artist, a nature lover or avid shopper. We can custom fit one of our many lightweight wheelchairs to fit your needs. There are many styles in stock from which to choose. For children, we have lightweight wheelchairs that will grow with them and they can choose their colour and cushions to suit. Contact us about our lightweight wheelchairs. We will explain how we custom fit our lightweight wheelchairs for comfort, fit and style.


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