Lightweight Wheelchairs Kent, Expertly Designed and Custom Built

Lightweight wheelchairs KentWhen it comes to lightweight wheelchairs Kent the supplier to contact is Da Vinci Mobility. Wheelchairs are movement aids that serve several functions. In medical practice, wheelchairs are common in all orthopaedic and geriatric wards. They are necessary for patients whose mobility is compromised due to a medical or surgical condition. Impaired limbs from fractures or sprains are the most obvious reasons that patients would use a wheelchair. Others include injuries to the spine or lower limb muscle injury. Conditions that also result in weakness may also necessitate the use of a wheelchair. Away from the hospital, wheelchairs are used by the disabled and the elderly. Despite facilitating movement, not all wheelchairs are efficient. Some make movement an undesirable undertaking.

Lightweight wheelchairs Kent, when custom built by a professional team, are an excellent solution. When it comes to ease of movement, the weight of the wheelchair must be taken into account. The whole system relies on reducing the effort of movement. Our lightweight wheelchairs are carefully designed and manufactured to ensure this. They reduce the effort of movement and keeping the load to a minimum. We use both titanium and aluminium in the construction of our lightweight wheelchairs. Both are extremely strong, with the added advantage of being lightweight. This means that the wheelchair that is custom built for you is made to last.

Top quality lightweight wheelchairs Kent are found at Da Vinci Mobility. We are a leading name in providing mobility solutions. The lightweight wheelchairs are among our top selling products. They are rapidly gaining popularity among wheelchair uses and are regarded as a better replacement for traditional wheelchairs. Our lightweight wheelchairs are designed to improve the efficiency of movement and simplify manoeuvres. Contact us today and find out more about our lightweight wheelchairs. We are highly regarded for our excellent quality workmanship. Many of our clients are repeat clients who need an upgrade or adaptions to their existing wheelchairs. Our wheelchairs are customised to meet your specific requirements. You can choose from a variety of features for your wheelchair to meet your tastes and needs.

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