Lightweight Wheelchairs Lathom, Custom Built to Meet Your Specific Requirements

Lightweight Wheelchairs LathomAt Da Vinci Mobility, lightweight wheelchairs Lathom come in all shapes and sizes just like our clients. And since our clients, like all people, have diverse interests and abilities, our wheelchairs are adapted to accommodate their personal needs. We design and fit custom wheelchairs for athletes, adventurers, travellers, students, business owners, children, elderly; people from all walks of life. We offer three wheeled trail cycles and hand cycles. We equip the more traditional wheelchairs for off road use, make them adaptable to children’s growth and create barely there framework for easy folding and transport. Some are motorised, others are manual and others offer an occasional boost. All are custom fitted to the user and his or her lifestyle.

Since attachments used in conjunction with wheelchairs add weight, we focus on those made from the lightest weight materials. For basketball players, lightweight wheelchairs Lathom custom fitted are created by us for you. We use lightweight titanium and aluminium because these materials, while lightweight, provide the needed strength and durability. The lighter the chair, the less muscle fatigue experienced by the user. We want to add as little weight as possible to the users own weight.  Whether it’s the user or a helper stowing the chair in the boot, the lighter the weight the less inconvenience. For caregivers, we want to make getting out and about for both of you easy so you do it frequently.

We have lightweight wheelchairs Lathom to fit most budgets and levels of activity. Since a wheelchair becomes an essential extension of the body, it has to be a comfortable fit. That’s why we carefully customise our chairs for the customers height, weight and strategic measurements. Our customers enjoy the option of customising their own lightweight wheelchair by choosing from colours, cushioning and accessories. Come and visit our showroom or contact us for more information. It’s your comfort we seek to enhance while providing the mobility that you need. During our many years in business, we have committed our time, resources and skills to the enhancement of life experiences and pure fun for our loyal customers.

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