Lightweight Wheelchairs LeedsAt Da Vinci Mobility, lightweight wheelchairs Leeds is just one of our many products and services. We serve those for whom wheelchairs provide mobility and independence. We sell a number of name brand wheelchairs for adults, children and athletes; even off road wheelchairs. If you prefer your wheelchair customised to your use and needs, we can do that for you. Our goal is make sure nobody lets life pass them buy when our wheels can take you almost anywhere you want to go in style and comfort. We have motorised wheelchairs for those who demand more speed and even motorised three-wheeled and all terrain for those whose adventures take them farther afield.

If you prefer to drive your car, we at Da Vinci are an accredited fitter of hand operated controls, left foot accelerators, electronic clutches and even chair hoists. The lightweight wheelchairs Leeds that we make are strong and durable from aluminium and titanium that fold to fit in your car. If you use a wheelchair you know what you wish it could do in any given situation. You know what would make it easier for you in particular to operate and what would make you more comfortable. When you share your needs with us, we can design a chair that you will find more useful. Our lightweight chairs, even for everyday use, are more manoeuvrable, less tiring to operate and easier to transport.

We at Da Vinci Mobility custom make lightweight wheelchairs Leeds for those with a passion for competition. Racing, basketball, whatever sport you participate in, we have the chair and it can be further modified to suit you. We are big believers and supporters of determination and adaptability. If you are unable to accomplish your goal because your wheelchair can’t adapt then we’ll make one that will. Contact us and make an appointment to see our work and tell us what you need. We’ve been creating custom lightweight chairs for a couple of decades now for growing kids, all sizes of adults and athletes. We maintain your custom chair having parts and accessories on hand as needed.

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