Lightweight Wheelchairs LondonDa Vinci Mobility provides lightweight wheelchairs London suited to your needs. We not only design but also custom build wheelchairs using both titanium and aluminium materials. The wheelchairs we build have a variety of functions and uses, perfect for those who wish to take their mobility to the next level. Other than those for everyday use, we have wheelchairs that can be used for sports and even off road ones for those feeling a bit more adventurous. Just because you are confined to a wheelchair doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to what you can do. You can still enjoy other activities that people with normal mobility partake in. All it takes is a little more effort and the right equipment. You handle the effort and let us provide the equipment to go along with it.

Just like your individual needs, our wheelchairs are made specifically for you. Lightweight wheelchairs London are available in various ranges, each with its own features. The Da Vinci Leggera is our most versatile range. It is made of a simple frame and little obstruction under the seat for easy loading into the car. The Xtreme Ultra wheelchair has the lightest rigid-frame. In fact, we are so deliberate on how light we wanted it to be that we use the lightest components, including carbon fibre where allowed. Our Da Vinci Xtreme chair frame is made from either aluminium or titanium tubing, which contributes to its strength but at the same time keeps it light. We cater to children as well. We have the Leggera kids growing wheelchair that will save you on money. This is because the frame can be adjusted up to three levels, so your child can still be catered for as he or she grows.

Sports enthusiasts can benefit from lightweight wheelchairs London. Our XL basketball chair comes with no adjustments, together with other features. For these and other lightweight wheelchairs, contact Da Vinci Mobility. We’ll be sure to pair you with the perfect wheelchair for your requirements. Feel free to talk to us about servicing options as well as providence of spare parts.

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