Lightweight Wheelchairs Longridge, Expertly Designed and Manufactured to Meet Your Needs

Lightweight Wheelchairs LongridgeWhen you are looking for the best lightweight wheelchairs Longridge, be sure to speak to the professionals. We have manufactured top quality and affordable lightweight wheelchairs for our clients since the 1990s. Many of our clients are repeat clients looking for an upgrade, or those who have been referred by word of mouth. We are happy to assist you when you need a new wheelchair. All our wheelchairs are of an excellent quality, built to last and are bespoke.

Lightweight wheelchairs Longridge are expertly designed and custom built by our expert team. We use both titanium and aluminium for the strength they provide, and because they are lightweight materials. As our lightweight wheelchairs are easy to manoeuvre, they are ideal for those who lead busy lives. They are also make it easy for the caregiver to manoeuvre, and this includes transporting it in a vehicle. The design of the wheelchairs allows them to be easily folded and stowed behind the seat of a car. Our range of lightweight wheelchairs has grown in popularity for those looking for a top quality product at a great price. Consider the Leggera Kids Growing wheelchair. This lightweight wheelchair is ideal for growing children as it can be enlarged. The frame will grow in three stages, from it’s original size of 12”x 12” seat to 15″ x 15”.

Choose lightweight wheelchairs Longridge for a premium quality wheelchair. For more details about our lightweight wheelchairs, contact Da Vinci Mobility today. Our lightweight wheelchairs are manufactured with a cantilever-style frame. This ensures a lightweight frame with very little under the seat to obstruct easy loading into a car. The frame is made from thin wall but larger diameter aluminium tubing. This provides its strength but keeps the lightness required for easy handling. To ensure a touch of individuality, our lightweight wheelchairs are available in a large range of upholstery colours and materials including leather. They are also available with a folding or fixed backrest, as well as flip back footrests. If you are particular about arm rests, our wheelchairs come with ports or height-adjustable arm rests. Speak to us today about your lightweight wheelchair.

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