Lightweight Wheelchairs NewcastleLightweight wheelchairs Newcastle by Da Vinci Mobility are among the lightest in the world. Most are made from aluminium and titanium and custom fitted to each individual. The designs are versatile so the options you choose in seating, wheel height, adjustable armrest, colour and various attachments are easily fitted. Our selection of chairs are designed to be light enough so a driver can lift the chair into a vehicle. One model is designed to fit directly over a seat while another has back wheels that snap off for storing in a vehicle and easily reattach for use.  Our lightweight children’s chair is designed to grow in three stages as the child grows.

Lightweight wheelchairs ease the burden on those who must carry and stow the wheelchair but it’s also easier for the user. Lightweight wheelchairs Newcastle are easier for the user, allowing them to go farther and longer without tiring as quickly. Our wheelchairs can be designed to operate manually or accept a motor attachment. The cantilever style frame is easily manoeuvrable because the space under the seat is open, easily managing small obstructions and the open bottom allows for easier storing. You have options in hand controls, push handles, spoke covers, folding backrest, kick back footrest and much more. We stock repair parts and sell batteries as well as make adjustments and repairs to wheelchairs.

Keep in mind that lightweight wheelchairs Newcastle gain weight with each attachment. However, the chair is custom designed to meet your needs and budget while maintaining the lightest possible weight. Don’t let the lightweight fool you; our wheelchairs are strong, sturdy and durable. The strength is built into the design so you’ll always feel solidly supported. Contact us and make an appointment for a demonstration of our lightweight wheelchairs. You tell us what you need in customisations and we’ll show you how we can make it happen. While you’re here have a look at our sport performance chairs, all terrain tires and selection of other mobility products. Ask to see our all-terrain off road wheelchair that will take you places you never dreamed you could go.

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