Lightweight Wheelchairs PrestonYou get much more than lightweight wheelchairs Preston when you visit Da Vinci Mobility. You get specialised customer service, customisation to fit your body size and a chair that will work to your strengths while supporting your disabilities. We make wheelchairs that enable you to play basketball, participate in marathons and go off road. Our wheelchairs are designed for more than mobility; they’re tools with which to live your best life. One thing they all have in common is they are lightweight. That makes so many more things possible simply because less energy is required to do everything. We manage to build some of the lightest but strongest wheelchairs in the world using aluminium and/or titanium.

When we determine the right size and style for your chair we then focus on the things that matter most to you that we can incorporate into your wheelchair. Maybe, lightweight wheelchairs Preston that are easy to fold and stow matters the most because you travel alone. For kids, a chair that grows with them is a smart investment. Maybe add an accessory like a tablet desk, built in game controller or dog leash holder and off road wheel. We will work with you individually because while all chairs have certain basics from which to start, your and our imaginations can work out the details needed to make your day to day more enjoyable and convenient. The need for comfort can’t be overstated and that too is a matter of preference.

Your lightweight wheelchairs Preston by DaVinci is backed by years of design experience. We’ve been making custom chairs for over twenty years but we didn’t stop there. We offer our clients mobility products, manual and powered, that can take them to the beach, the woods, the city and support their athletic endeavours. Contact us, or if you’re local, stop by and see some examples of our work. We think once you know what can be done and the accessories and modifications that are available, a world of possibilities will open up for you. Tell us what you want to do or how your day would be easier with a modification and we’ll get to work making it happen.

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