Lightweight Wheelchairs RochdaleLightweight Wheelchairs Rochdale are a quality solution when it comes to moving aids. We all desire to move and enjoy the environment around us. Unfortunately, some people cannot enjoy such simple pleasures due to disabilities or limb weakness. Wheelchairs make movement possible. They allow individuals to get from one place to another. However, users still need assistance since wheelchairs are tiring. They may make movement possible but using them is not as easy as it looks. Moving on a wheelchair involves moving the weight of the wheelchair itself and this translates to an extra load. The solution to this predicament lies in lightweight wheelchairs.

Standard, lightweight and ultralight wheelchairs are the three main types of wheelchairs. Lightweight wheelchairs Rochdale are designed to minimise the effort of movement. The wheelchairs are designed from lightweight aluminium components that significantly reduce the weight to less than 18kgs. As a result, lightweight chairs are easy to move and manoeuvre. Users admit a heightened desire to move around due to the low weight advantage. The wheelchairs are also durable due to the sturdy design and build. If you are looking for a moving aid for a sick, aged or disabled person, a lightweight wheelchair is your best option.

Da Vinci Mobility is the home of quality lightweight wheelchairs Rochdale. For years we have been at the forefront of providing movement solutions to serve an array of needs. We have maintained an enviable reputation of supplying top quality products and services. Our wheelchairs rank among the best in the market. We guarantee top performance, unparalleled durability and competitive prices on all our wheelchairs. Our team provides personalised service geared to deliver custom wheelchairs to clients. We consider age and use before offering sound advice on the best wheelchair for you. If you are a child or a nature enthusiast, we have the perfect lightweight wheelchair. Contact Da Vinci Mobility today and find out more about our custom built lightweight wheelchairs. We offer affordable quality solutions.

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