Lightweight Wheelchairs RotherhamOur selection of lightweight wheelchairs Rotherham are our way of saying we respect your dignity and salute your spirit. Da Vinci Mobility is proud to be able to create virtually any wheelchair to customer specifications. Having been in business since 1990, we’re happy to report that many of our customers return whenever they need an upgrade. Premium quality, affordable pricing and 100% focus on customer-satisfaction are fundamental to our business. We  also undertake vehicle modifications and are Motability-accredited fitters of hand controls. Being a local business, we’re geared to understand and appreciate trends and preferences in the region. Along with this, we offer access to world-class technology, products, information, materials and services sourced from international markets.

Lightweight wheelchairs Rotherham have the added advantage of being portable and foldable. For most people with disability, the decision to use a wheelchair is a deeply personal one. It is an attempt to reclaim independence and become a part of the social milieu. Though it may seem embarrassing and awkward for some, a wheelchair helps persons with disability to work, play and enjoy events and family celebrations. It is a highly liberating decision and improves psychological condition. However, selecting the right one takes time, patience and effort. The most expensive or the most high-tech one need not suit everyone while cheap ones can give you more trouble than they’re worth. Price should never be the only or main  deciding  factor. Just as with other chairs in the house, we each have our favourites because they mould themselves to our posture, body-shape and size. Our custom-built wheelchairs aim to achieve precisely this result.

While deciding to purchase lightweight wheelchairs Rotherham, keep a few pointers in mind. Buy only from reputed, licensed, well-established firms like Da Vinci Mobility. For more information about our lightweight wheelchairs, contact Da Vinci Mobility. If repairs or modifications are needed, we are glad to help you. You also need to consider present and future use. If you’d like to use it for sporting activities, you can get suitable modifications built in. Test the chair thoroughly and ensure that it’s not too difficult, heavy or bulky to fold and lift into your car.

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