LLightweight Wheelchairs Sheffield Lightweight wheelchairs Sheffield is the latest initiative from Da Vinci Mobility. As wheelchair specialists we have customised products for every need. We are aware that individuals differ in their functioning and the kind of expectations they have especially when their movements are restricted to a greater or lesser degree. Being wheelchair bound can be something of a life changing experience and does take some getting used to. This is where we come in. Da Vinci Mobility has been working since the 1990’s to help people overcome any kind of hurdles faced due to lack of mobility and independence. Earlier, wheelchairs came with numerous restrictions on how, where and when they could be used. Today, however, the scenario is very different. Progress in wheelchair technology has revolutionised lives of people who are dependent on them.

Our range of lightweight wheelchairs Sheffield is designed to suit very specific needs. They can be used outdoors and may be manual or power operated. Although lightweight, they are constructed with strong material which will not only help you manoeuvre them with ease but they are also built to last. The special folding design can easily fit in the boot of a car and they are safe to use anywhere. While customising, more specifications like age, height, weight and lifestyle are taken into consideration. We would recommend customised wheelchairs to clients as they are tailor-made to suit their requirements. Our ready-made range includes hand powered, hand-cycles and beach trail rider wheelchairs.

Lightweight wheel chairs Sheffield at Da Vinci Mobility are not the only product we offer. We are a one stop shop for wheelchair accessories and spare parts. Our product categories cover the A  to Z of wheelchair supplies. From tubes and tyres of wheels to specialised parts like batteries and hand rims are available just a call or click away! For more information about our lightweight wheelchairs, contact us today. We are also specialists in motor adaptations and are Mobility Accredited fitters for hand controls. We can do upgrades on products. Our after-sales service and support are why we enjoy such a large customer base and why our clients come back to us.

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