Lightweight Wheelchairs SheffieldLightweight wheelchairs Sheffield are a solution for those who have been battling with cumbersome wheelchairs. There are a number of attractive benefits to lightweight wheelchairs, especially if it has been custom built to your unique requirements. We have built an enviable reputation for high quality custom built lightweight wheelchairs. Since the 1990’s we have provided our customers with wheelchairs designed to meet their needs.

Our lightweight wheelchairs Sheffield are built using aluminium and titanium. Both materials are strong, with the added advantage of lightness. When you purchase a lightweight wheelchair from Da Vinci Mobility, you are guaranteed of a long lasting, top quality wheelchair. We have a range of different lightweight wheelchairs you can choose from. These include lightweight wheelchairs for everyday use, off road use, as well as those designed for sport. We also offer children’s wheelchairs. These offer substantial savings as they can be adjusted according to the child’s age and growth, saving on having to purchase a new wheelchair as the child grows. Lightweight wheelchairs are easier to manoeuvre than conventional wheelchairs. This is a result of the materials they are made from, and their unique ergonomic design. They are also easy to transport as they can be folded easily to fit properly in the car without taking up space.

Lightweight wheelchairs Sheffield are also available in a range of different colours. Offering features such as fully adjustable custom made upholstery, in a large range of colours and materials, a large selection of powder-coated colours, side guards, height adjustable or sport armrests, folding or fixed back rest, flip-back footrest, and any other special fitting for extra equipment, our lightweight wheelchairs are not only hard working and robust, they look good. For more information about our lightweight wheelchairs, contact Da Vinci Mobility. Our wheelchairs are also available in a wide range of colours – from brushed titanium or polished aluminium to every colour of the rainbow. Join our many happy and satisfied customers who have chosen one of our lightweight wheelchairs. Speak to us about a custom built lightweight wheelchair made to your requirements.

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