Lightweight Wheelchairs Stoke on Trent, Perfect for Your Requirements

Lightweight Wheelchairs Stoke on TrentAt Da Vinci Mobility, lightweight wheelchairs Stoke on Trent, is our driving passion. It has been so since we first established our company back in the 1990’s. Since all our customers are different, with different needs and activities, we’ve expanded beyond wheelchairs. We offer sports chairs, all-terrain chairs and accessories that make daily life easier and more enjoyable. For those who drive, we can retrofit your vehicle to accommodate you. We carry well-known brands of wheelchairs for average daily use. However, since each of our clients is unique, we customise our wheelchairs to the individual. Our aim is for each client to enjoy exceptional comfort, a perfect fit and a style that expresses their individuality.

We use lightweight materials like aluminium and titanium to keep the wheelchairs as light as possible. Lightweight wheelchairs Stoke on Trent that fold and unfold easily for portability are a necessity. The lighter the chair the less effort to operate. Of course, we offer motorised chairs and scooters and those will be heavier than the manually operated. Still, we keep them as light as possible. A custom fit is critical to ward off fatigued muscles. The slightest overreach, repeated over and over leads to fatigue and painful muscle strain. Lower back pain and strain can be alleviated when the seat is the proper length for the individual. Upholstery and cushions are geared to comfort and support. Choose yours in favourite colours that coordinate with your chosen colour of framework.

Children especially need customised lightweight wheelchairs Stoke on Trent. Because they are still growing, we make their chairs adjustable to accommodate that growth. That saves physical and financial discomfort. DaVinci Mobility is committed to the well-being of our clients and the causes that celebrate their achievements. We are always working with new ideas and customisations that will help add versatility and independence to the lives of our customers. Contact Da Vinci Mobility and let us help you achieve your best wheelchair ever. Every chair that goes out of our doors is important and it must be a custom fit in every way possible.

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