Lightweight Wheelchairs Surrey: Custom Built, Lightweight and Durable

Lightweight Wheelchairs SurreyLightweight wheelchairs Surrey are a great option for persons with mobility issues. At Da Vinci Mobility, we specialise in custom-built mobility products suitable for a range of clients. These range from wheelchairs for sports, power trikes, hand bikes and powered wheelchairs to car adaptations. We can make wheelchairs to practically any kind of specification and also provide upgrades if and when you require them. Being a Motability accredited organisation, we have the expertise and permissions to provide hand-operated controls for cars.

It is important that lightweight wheelchairs Surrey should fit through standard doorways, but they should also pass safely and smoothly through narrower ones, and lift-doors. Studies conducted by the WHO show that nearly 65 million people around the world need a wheelchair to remain mobile. This allows them to be a part of their social environment, ensure that they lead a relatively independent life and keep their self-respect and dignity. Having wheelchair assisted mobility helps them to continue studying, find a well-paying job, live independently, have a rich and varied social life, attend cultural events, pursue hobbies, travel and enjoy nearly everything they want. However, it’s vitally important to ensure that you purchase the right wheelchair that meets your specific needs, preferences and budget. Wheelchairs are available in different sizes to suit the build of the customer. Our expert technicians can ensure that your wheelchair is constructed to support your weight and height, and hip to knee legroom to perfection. Otherwise it can not only be uncomfortable, but can also give rise to safety issues.

Lightweight wheelchairs Surrey are a great option when you drive or have someone to drive you to your destination. The wheelchair being light, portable and easy to fold, can be loaded into the vehicle you plan to travel in. It can be used to move around there conveniently, without your having to depend on anyone else. To find out more about our lightweight wheelchairs, contact Da Vinci Mobility. Standard weight of these chairs could be up to a mere 15 kgs, yet they are sturdy and safe enough. Based on the model you choose, you can ensure that your powered wheelchair is designed for your normal posture.

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