Lightweight Wheelchairs Swindon fulfil Your Unique Lifestyle Requirements

Lightweight Wheelchairs SwindonKeep your independence and do the things you enjoy with the help of our lightweight wheelchairs Swindon. At Da Vinci Mobility we understand how important it is to stay self-reliant and yet achieve the quality of life you need. Whether you have a temporary disability due to an injury or illness, or it’s a permanent condition, using a wheelchair doesn’t have to curtail your mobility and access to work and entertainment. Wheelchair technology has grown enormously over the last few years and this is available at sensible prices today. Da Vinci technicians and our creative team can construct almost any kind of wheelchair to the client’s specifications. Another area where we can help you is with motor vehicle adaptations, being Motability accredited installers of hand controls.

Lightweight wheelchairs Swindon offer the perfect solution to your mobility issues. You no longer have to depend on friends and relatives to ensure that you reach the places you want to. These wheelchairs can be easily folded, stored in the boot of a car and transported to your work place, the park, a concert, restaurant or when you’re out on a date. Persons with disability often spend an inordinate amount of time, looking for the wheelchair that suits their needs, preferences and budget. They focus mainly on durability, strength, comfort, versatility and price. Lightweight wheelchairs are a huge improvement on the conventional heavy product that could in fact worsen your condition and restrict your mobility. They can also lead to muscle strain and other types of related issues. Additionally, being larger and heavier, they’re not easy to transport. Our lightweight options fulfil your unique lifestyle requirements whether it is travel, sports or career.

Choosing the perfect lightweight wheelchairs Swindon can make all the difference to your physical, social and emotional well-being. While considering the purchase, ensure that you select a reliable, well-established and technically competent company. To find out more about our lightweight wheelchairs, or if you have any questions, contact Da Vinci Mobility today. We can also deal with maintenance and any possible minor repairs that could occur during use. Since lightweight wheelchairs could be quite expensive, you should consider insuring them if you think it’s necessary.

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