Lightweight Wheelchairs WarringtonIf you are you looking for lightweight wheelchairs Warrington, look no further than Da Vinci Mobility. Walking aids and wheelchairs are meant to be user friendly. The convenience of wheelchairs lies in its design and structure. Most manufacturers use lightweight durable materials to build the core structure of a wheel chair. Considering movement is already a daunting task for anyone on a wheelchair, a lightweight mobility aid makes movement easy. To minimise the weight of a wheelchair, manufacturers use the least dense materials. Steel, titanium and aluminium are the most common materials used to make wheelchairs. Steel is the bulkiest of the three while titanium is the lightest.  of As a result of the difference in materials and weight, wheelchairs are categorised into standard, lightweight and ultralight. Standard wheelchairs are predominantly made from steel. They weigh over 18kgs and the components have limited adjustability. Lightweight wheelchairs use aluminium which lighter than steel and is also resistant to corrosion. Ultralight wheelchairs use titanium which has a high strength to weight ratio.

Da Vinci Mobility specialises in the manufacture of lightweight wheelchairs. Lightweight wheelchairs Warrington  have a typical folding frame with adjustable components. The design makes it easy to store and transport. Lightweight wheelchairs have a low weight of 13 to 18kgs due to the aluminium build. Despite the weight, lightweight wheelchairs are sturdy and can sustain a heavy load. A heavy wheelchair undermines the convenience of a movement aid. An ideal wheelchair should be easy to uses and easy to move around. Lightweight wheelchairs allow users to manoeuvre easily and also independently put away the chair when driving, sleeping or doing other activities off the wheelchair. Our lightweight chairs are made from quality materials that are guaranteed to last for years.

It is true that lightweight wheelchairs Warrington can cost more than the standard wheelchair. The lighter the wheelchair the more expensive it is. We offer the best deals when it comes to lightweight wheelchairs. Although our deals are competitive, we don’t compromise on quality. Our wheelchairs offer the best value for money. Contact us today and enjoy quality lightweight wheelchairs. We design wheelchairs to make movement simple for every user.

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