Wheelchairs – Manual

Lightweight Wheelchair York

DaVinci Leggera Wheelchair

The most versatile chair in the DaVinci range. The simple cantilever-style frame makes for a lightweight chair with very little under the seat to obstruct easy loading into a car. This design…

DaVinci Off Roadster Wheelchair

Off Road
The pefect off-road wheelchair for when the going gets tough Purpose-built, 0ff-road wheelchair frame with stability and durability in mind. The frame is made from thin wall aluminium tubing but with…
Lightweight Wheelchairs Penwortham

DaVinci Xtreme Ultra Wheelchair

Lightweight and totally custom built The lightest rigid-frame wheelchair we make at DaVinci and one lightest wheelchairs on the market. The frame is made from a special thin-wall aluminium tubing…
Lightweight Wheelchairs Wigan

DaVinci Xtreme Wheelchair

Lightweight and totally custom built One of the lightest rigid-frame wheelchairs on the market, the frame is made from either titanium or aluminium tubing which gives it strength yet keeps…
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